Upstory is a scrappy team of product design experts based in Minneapolis.

We try every day to create products and experiences that bring joy to the people who use them. We're a team of passionate designers who want to have fun doing what we love. Life's too short to push paper all day long, so let's build something great together.

At our core, we value:

🪟 TRANSPARENCY. Be honest in everything we do.

🔎 SOLVE ROOT PROBLEMS. Not just surface requests.

🏡 HEALTHY BALANCE. We're at our best when we're well rested.

🏃‍♂️ ACT. If it needs to be done, do it.

🔨 KEEP IMPROVING. 1% better every day is unbeatable.

Our team
Rick Russie – Lead Designer

Rick Russie

Owner & Lead Designer

Sandy Hsiao – UX Designer

Sandy Hsiao

UX Designer

Alex Schumacher – UI Designer

Alex Schumacher

UI Designer

Nash Faulk – Growth Partner

Nash Faulk

Growth Partner