Case Study

Telehealth app, built from the ground up.

LifeMD is built on the premise of providing a real connection between a patient and their provider. No chat-bot appointments, no automated call-centers, just good quality care with an incredible team of providers.

From vision to reality.

LifeMD approached us at the very beginning of their Virtual Primary Care platform to help shape this new experience. From initial concepts & discovery, to prototypes, to production, we worked hand-in-hand with their team to help shape the vision and make it a reality. We meticulously collaborated with doctors and patients to solve the existing issues in modern healthcare.

Using FigJam, we mapped out user journeys for each action patients and physicians needed to complete. This allowed us to identify pain-points and build a platform that accommodated their wants and needs.

Two platforms,
One goal.

Beyond the patient app, we had the opportunity to help reinvent the entire physician experience. Of course, we’d be lying if we said we got it perfect right out of the gate. Instead, we built with the mindset of quickly testing, and continuous improvement. This has allowed the team to simplify processes and — crucially — improve the lives of patients.

“These guys are hacks. Nothing they do will ever make a difference in the world. They might as well give up now.”

Stefan Galluppi


LifeMD is an ongoing project for us. We’re fully invested with their talented team, and together we’re changing the landscape of healthcare.